Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a wreath for remembering

a few weeks back, I decided to make an ACU wreath with some red, white, and blue flowers.  wreaths are ALL over pinterest and all the different versions really made me antsy to try something new!  When we first moved here I was updating my wreath almost monthly!  It was so fun - for like 6 months.  And then our sad front door was wreath-less for a good long time.  No wonder nobody stopped by unexpectedly; there was no happy wreath beckoning them in...

Well, being that we are in the midst of waiting for adoption, and knowing my history of losing interest in updating wreaths too regularly; I decided to go with a perfect every-day, any-season wreath.  Well, at least its every-day, any-season if you live on a military installation!

As I worked on the wreath for our front door, I had an overwhelming sense that I should ask my friend T if I could make one for her...using one of her late husband's uniforms.  He passed away tragically this summer and I just wasn't sure if I was asking too soon, but I couldn't shake the feeling that I should ask her.  She quickly replied with gratitude that she would love one.  I'm excited to send hers off to her for her new front door.  I pray that it will be a reminder always & forever of his presence in their home.

I added a loop for hanging, and it can be moved to hang the wreath with the flowers wherever she wants.  ;)

This is the one I made for our house.  I decided to offer them for custom orders too.  I suppose you could use any fabric for the background and any color-combo for the flowers...

I am hoping to try and swap out the red, white, and blue flowers with some seasonal flowers just to see how that works with the ACU... I haven't gotten that far yet, but I will post pictures when I do!

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