Thursday, September 22, 2011

helping out the scouts

I am the assistant den leader for a very adorable Cub Scout's den this year.  I more or less run crowd control! ;)  I did mention that I sew to the Den Leader so she asked if I could help out with a small den flag...  I happened to have some fabric leftover from a super hero cape, so we decided that it was the perfect shade of blue!

I googled for some clip art, sized it, and printed it out...  I then tried to make my own carbon paper for tracing it on to the paper backing of the fabric.  Sadly all that yielded was some pencil-covered hands!  So I had to cut out the design little by little...
And it did take a sweet forever to cut that bear face out of the paper and trace all the nooks & crannies onto the paper backing but I think it was worth it!  I was planning on just fusing it on with the wonder-under that I had on hand and leaving it at that.  But a few of the letters were peeling off by day two (not impressed with the wonder under I bought)!!  So I decided I'd have to sew around the edges of the letters.  I've stitched more than a few letters on, so I wasn't too concerned about it.  And then it occurred to me... if the letters were peeling off... maybe the bear would too!  Oh dear...  It'd be a bummer to have half a bear on the flag...
So I stitched around his face too.  I think it was good practice.  And I'm not positive, but I think the Bears thought the flag was pretty cool!  I know my little Cub did, which makes a momma heart happy!

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