Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Creative Giving Class #3

Oh my did we have fun! Well, I certainly had fun! Today's class was crayon rolls or a modified version for cars.  I'll add a few links at the end for places to look for tutorials.  I've made so many crayon rolls with my own variations that I didn't use a tutorial today.  And then we modified it to make it work for some Cars from the movie Cars (which tend to be a little bit bigger than matchbox cars - and still poor Mater had no where to park his big tow truck self!)

We go to work cutting out the pieces, and decided we had time to go ahead and make two car rolls - because Stephanie has two boys it only made sense!
Miss Maria over there in the sunlight brought a project that she has been meaning to finish, so she got to work on that while we worked on the rolls.  Stephanie sat down behind that machine and it was like she'd been sewing all along!  Great fun!
I did forget to take a picture of the final product... but if you look really carefully in that picture right above this, you'll see one of the car rolls laying on the table in the bottom right side.

And for some AWESOME news... we are up to $202 towards the sewing machine fund.  I nearly got all teary-eyed when we counted the money this afternoon!  Praising God for His goodness.  We had a sweet time together; and to top it off I got to hear an wonderful adoption story.  God sure knows how to send me the sweetest encouragement at just the right moment!

Tutorials to check out for crayon rolls...

THIS is the first tutorial I ever tried, but the ric rac almost made me lose my mind, so I never use the ric rac. It's a very well written tutorial by Skip To My Lou.
THIS has a button & elastic closure instead of ribbon ties. You'll find lots of other things to explore at The Pleated Poppy.
...also if you google "crayon roll tutorial,"  you'll be sure to find one you want to try!  I always make my crayon rolls hold 8 crayons.  The first ones I made were for the boys while Daddy was deployed, and I made them to keep in my purse for going places... the last thing I wanted to do was track down 36 crayons to put back in the rolls when we were leaving.  So you can basically pick any number of spaces you want and adjust your pattern to make it work for you.

I couldn't find a basic car roll tutorial that was as simple as the one we made.  We basically made an 8-pocket crayon roll into a 4-pocket car roll, and added 1/2 an inch to each pocket (2 inches overall).  But here is a link to a fancy-dancy car roll that I've made in the past, I know the tutorial is well written! homemade by jill is a lovely blog with lots of other goodies to explore!

Remember, if you decide to try one of these on your own you can always ask me questions about it if you get stuck!  Or, you can ask the blogger that wrote the lovely tutorials too. 

The next class is a no-sew one!  Should be a great time!

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