Tuesday, November 1, 2011


every once in awhile God reminds me in breathtaking ways about His great love and His special plans for us.  The last two weeks have been rather crazy, between Halloween costumes, a creative giving class, and a "craft fair" (that could be another post for another day).  Well, in the midst of my SOWN commitments, a dear friend of ours delivered her sweet baby boy at 27 weeks and 2 days.  He has a very rare condition, but continues to amaze his doctors each day.  He wasn't expected to survive delivery.  I knew - in the middle of everything else going on - I knew I HAD to make something for that sweet baby boy as a tangible reminder that he is loved dearly and being prayed for often.  I used some fabrics that I had on hand and appliqued his nickname on the front of this minky-dot burp rag. (And I learned that perhaps iron + minky dots = flat minky).  

You can just barely see an orange ruler in front of the box that this is laying on... the letters are about two inches wide.
They sort of seem giant in this picture with Lil' Buck laying beside them. Don't they?
I can't really put into words how I felt when I saw this picture for the first time.  The best word I can use to describe it is breathtaking. 

I love that God gave me a creative streak; but I really come alive when He asks me to use it to show His love for others - and I obey! 

I'm honored to be walking through this journey with Buck's family.  I am praying so often each day and throughout each night.  This little guy's life has blessed mine in immeasurable ways.  I keep praying that God will continue to touch this little one's body and bring healing and strength.  I pray that He will comfort Buck's parents and give them endurance for each day.  I pray that He will encourage Buck's siblings as they are away from mom and their new baby brother.  If you'd like to join in praying for this sweet little boy, I'm sure his family would be grateful. 

In the midst of this bit of busyness, God has reminded me of the things that matter the most. 


  1. The little blanket is great Amanda, and the pic with little Buck is precious...thanks for sharing the blessings and prayers continue!

  2. I know they are so blessed to have you as their friend. So sad and amazing.


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