Monday, October 10, 2011

go green!

I just felt the need to make a little something for the boys after a few pillowcase dresses.  Its not always easy to find Michigan State merchandise around, so I thought I'd make the boys a couple t-shirts... I used one of Daddy's old green t-shirt for the applique material.  I don't know why, but I love applique.  And although cutting out all the little crevices of "STATE" is a bit slow-going... and then sewing it on through two layers of jersey is a tricky task; it just makes me smile!  My little guy liked his helmet shirt, but was a little mad that there was "a grey circle" on it because he "wanted it all green!"  I tried to tell him that all helmets have an ear hole...  I'm pretty sure he got over it, because he wore his shirt to school the day after I finished it!

I do enjoy making things, and have loved the custom orders.  But there's nothing sweeter than seeing the boys wearing something I've made!

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