Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Creative Giving Class #2

We had our 2nd class today, and it was SO fun!  We made basic pillowcase dresses (with some modifications.)  The very first pillowcase dress that I made was from an actual pillowcase.  I used this tutorial - click here.  If you google "pillowcase dress tutorial" you'll find a TON of them!  I've since branched out and tweaked a number of tutorials to make them work for me.  If you want to try to make a pillowcase dress yourself, start simple!  You can do it!  If you try one out and get stuck just send me an email and we'll get it figured out!

We did some tweaks today in our dress-making class but it all worked out!  Look how adorable the little lady is that gets to wear the dress! 
I transform the kitchen/dining area into sewing central for Creative Giving days.  Here we are cutting out the fabric to length.  Since we decided to use fabric, we first had to sew it together like a pillowcase (sides & hem) before we could get to the dress-making part...
Sewing is serious business.
Very serious!
Sonya did an awesome job!  We realized today that all three of us (Erica was the photographer for most of this class!) have an old machine from our mothers.  Isn't that cool?  Thanks Moms!
And, drum roll please... the finished dress!  Isn't it adorable. And unique!

You might have noticed the jar for donations up there in one of those pictures.  So I thought I'd give you a goal update.  We're up to $53 towards the sewing machine fund for Guatemala.  We were talking about the goal today and I realized that maybe I'm not talking enough about that part - which is really the most important part.  These sewing machines and subsequent classes for the families in Guatemala can potentially be life changing.  Sewing there wouldn't just be a fun experiment.  It could be another form of income for a family that is stretched thin.  The poverty there is not like poverty here.  Having an additional means of income could help families be more secure in being able to provide for their children.  I'm so honored to be participating with AMG International in this little way.  I know it will make a big difference.  I'm thanking God for this privilege. 

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