Friday, October 14, 2011

little bits

So much to say, but even more to do!!!  God is blessing and challenging my heart so much in this endeavor.  I really want to sit and tell you every detail, but I don't think this minute, today, is the time to do it.  But I promise, when the time comes, I'll tell you more about it all. One thing I can share with you  -- every time I tell someone about the sewing machine fund I get chills... and I'm not certain but I think they do to. I just think that's a fun fact.

I made a couple "sibling sets" for Bit of Benning, I took pics of each set and put them on FB too.  Can I tell you how weird it was when I first typed the words "sibling set?"  Because we are in the process of adopting from foster care and have had to state our family preferences, and we've said yes to a "sibling set."  And as I was describing these outfits it just seemed weird to describe clothing using the same terms as children.  I concluded that it was probably only awkward for me to read.  Right?  But since I brought it up, how about taking a minute to pray for kiddos in foster care and families to adopt them?  And especially those sibling sets out there ;)

Also, I updated my ACU wreath with some fall colors.  What do you think?

welcome fall.  You aren't quite the same here in Georgia as you are in Michigan, but I still love you.
I have three custom orders to get cracking on.  And two involve things I've never made before!  EEK!  And I'm excited about it.  When I did the strength-finders test it revealed that I'm a "learner."  The fact that  I get excited to make new things, kinda supports that idea.  All of this is connected with the stuff God is teaching me right now.  I love that He is such an excellent teacher, using all manner of circumstances to drive home a point.  More to come on that...

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