Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creative Giving Class - FORT KITS!

We had a lovely, laughter-filled morning of fort-kit-making!  Really, we didn't make the kits, we just prepared the sheets for kits.  Basically, you sew loops on the corners, side, and middle of each sheet.  Then  you add some clothespins or clips to it to make fort-making a bit easier for the kiddos.  I only picked up my camera one time.. here Erica is getting ready to pin some loops on sheets, while Aimee sews along...
The original tutorial (link below) suggested using t-shirt strips for the loops because the material is stretchy and doesn't fray.  Aimee had the genius idea of alternating ribbon with the t-shirt loops.  This way the kids can tie their fort onto something if necessary.  Also, if you notice, Aimee used white sheets for her kit and she is going to include fabric markers so the recipients can decorate their fort.  Isn't that clever? 
And I had to snag this picture off of facebook... Tami got three kits ready for gifting while she was in class (but I didn't catch her in the pictures above).  She obviously ended up giving her kiddos a kit yesterday :)  There were MANY pictures of her family playing with this kit in the afternoon.  So adorable! 
Here is the link to the kits: click here!

And as you know, the Creative Giving classes are free; but I do accept donations to go towards the sewing machine fund for AMG International - Guatemala.  Its awesome to get together, have fun, teach a skill AND make a difference all at once.  The sewing machines will provide an opportunity for parents to learn a skill that can potentially provide additional income for their family... that is HUGE!  And I am happy to announce that we're up to $338.77 toward the sewing machine fund!  Woo Hoo!  Praising God for the generosity of those participating in the Creative Giving Classes!

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