Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Creative Giving - Fabric Flower Headbands!

I confess, I forgot to get the camera out during "class."  So I had to take a few pictures of myself after the fact.  I didn't feel like a dork at all ;)

Ok, these babies are easy... and versatile.  This one even looks totally different depending on which way I wear it...
see... totally different.  Huh?
And a little closer shot.  I chose three flowers of varying sizes using two fabrics.  I used a super-skinny-headband because headbands tend to give me a headache, so I thought the skinnier version might not be as bad. 
Once you get the hang of making your fabric flowers, you can attach them to anything... alligator clips, barrettes, pins, elastic headband, purse straps, t-shirts, flip-flops, key chains... the list could go on and on... ;)

Here a couple links with different variations of how-to make these babies.

This link from Prudent Baby has an excellent step-by-step tutorial for the rolled flowers.  It doesn't really explain how to attach the flowers to the headband though.  But this is the way that I learned to make the rolled fabric flowers, so I wanted to be sure to pass it along.  Prudent Baby has tons of great stuff so you might want to take a peek around while you are there. ;)

This link from lil blue boo also has great step-by-step tips for making rolled fabric flowers using pipe cleaners (or chenille stems if you want to be politically correct).  I've never made them this way, but it seems like it might almost be easier... This tutorial also goes into detail about adding the flowers to your headband so be sure to check it out if you aren't sure about that part.  You'll find a wealth of other ideas at lil blue boo too, so browse for more ideas while you are there!

Now just a few tips from me. 
  • First off, I think Fabri-tac is the best glue for this.  You could use your hot glue gun or another type of Tacky Glue, but my fav is by far Fabri-tac.  
  • And secondly, give yourself a break and just have fun.  Your very first flower might not be perfect.  I aim for one side being rather gummed-up and gluey, and one side to be "clean."  Sometimes my clean side has a little glue on it...  I'm pretty sure no one will notice it on your finished flower.  So don't stress. 
  • Finally, a word about the fray.  I don't mind the frayed edges of the fabric showing.  I actually rip my fabric strips (instead of cutting them).  If you aren't a fan of the fray, then pay close attention as you are twisting & gluing and tuck that fray under.  Remember, nobody is going to see the bottom so it can be a big crazy mess under there. ;)
Have fun!  As always, I'd be happy to help you through if you decide to try this and get stuck.  These are FUN and SIMPLE, really, they are!!!  And not too expensive either.  You CAN do it!    I'm sure the bloggers I linked to could also be of great help... if you need it!

As for the sewing machine fund... we are up to $288.86!!!  Woo-hoo!  Thanks for the donations and custom orders ;)  I'm going to send in the grand total after the last Creative Giving class in December.  So I will keep you posted!

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  1. I am going to show Jacqueline this post because I know she'd totally enjoying doing this! They are so CUTE!


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